A great, new innovation! Can a PLE/self-rep based program be in the works? #A2J

Law & Language

Legal English is a new concept, relatively unknown even in the world of English learning. And Grammatika is not the typical legal start-up that you might think of when you hear about ‘alternative law careers’ or ‘legal innovation’ (if there is a typical legal start up! Still such early days). So in preparing for the online workshops launching next month, I broke it down further. We made this short introductory video to explain what Grammatika is all about, what we offer, who we work with, and what we mean by “Legal English.” As much as the content, it was important to convey the attitude towards learning that we hold at GI and I think (hope) this video captures it well.

The video was shot in Delhi, in between case prep and curriculum development, a typical workday for me now. I love that it could be anywhere and the backdrop is somehow at once familiar and exotic. Unexpectedly, speaking in…

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