Great article on self represented litigants as the other and the Legal Ego. #A2J #whataboutalex


Since I have returned to Canada this week from a month “Down Under” (for my reports from Australia see “Access to Justice Down Under” and “Political Pressure and Federal Politics The View From Australia”, I have read and watched a lot of federal election coverage that shouts “fear of the Other”.

“Other” is women wearing niqab, Syrian refugees, and sometimes Canadian Muslims in general.

“Other” is scientists who challenge the government line on climate change, or academics who contest the so-called “Terror Bill” C-51.

“Other” is missing and murdered indigenous women, and First Nations communities without access to clean water.

Once we see another group as having a worldview or an experience very different from our own, it seems pretty easy to distance ourselves from the Other. That’s not us, our subconscious tells us. We don’t need to care about that.

In an election campaign, going one step…

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