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Passover, the holiday with which Jewish (and also many African, African American and other) people celebrate their exodus from slavery, began yesterday. The spiritual significance is that we also make efforts to free ourselves from the things that currently enslave us. For some people, it is ego, work, anger, nicotine, etc. that keep them under whip.

I started to think about slavery: that fact that thousands of years later, there are still people who are enslaved and that many of the people who are celebrating their freedom profit, in small and significant, ways (think of the cheap dollarstore items, shoes or clothes that you recently purchased) from others’ bondage. I thought of child laborers, diamond mines, debtors’ prisons, coffee plantations and I wondered what business we have celebrating freedom, when we have,intentionally, recklessly and through willful blindness participated in turning others into objects.

This year, let’s commit to forming a free future, the bonded past will only continue, our memories in vain if we do not.