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Discrimination is a process by which an oppressor denies someone’s status as a human being based on his or her enumerated characteristics with the goal of excluding him or her from society. The oppressor strips the oppressed’s perceived humanity by claiming that the oppressed is less valuable than others due to the enumerated characteristic. Further, the oppressor will claim that negative or dangerous qualities are associated with the enumerated characteristic. This turns other members of the society against the oppressed person or group. The devaluing of others results in the oppressor removing the oppressed’s freedom to pursue opportunities to which he or she would otherwise have access.

Discrimination removes dignity from both the oppressed and the oppressor. The oppressor cuts him or herself off at the throat and poisons his or her own well: he or she destroys the oppressed’s potential present contribution and any future contributions had  he or she the liberty to pursue various opportunities.

Discrimination deprives all parties of possibilities and gifts that could serve the whole. Discrimination promises continued and new problems: on going wars, revenge cycles that will never end (they are renewed with each generation, passing the same torch back and forth) and the ongoing deprivation of each other.

Discrimination can occur through active or passive methods: the active removal of rights from others, or the passive withholding of the services, items and privileges that a group or individual needs to access ameliorative opportunities. In neglecting to consider others’ needs for access, we discriminate against them.

The opposite of discrimination is equality. Meaningful equality ensures the freedom of each individual to live next to their fellow and to contribute to their community and society. Meaningful equality in a society assists in assuring freedom for everyone and sweetens everyone’s life. Inclusion makes us more rich by increasing and improving our connections to each other. Discrimination enslaves the oppressed and the oppressor to limiting ideology and causes all of us a loss.